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قصه کمک به انگلیسی


قصه کمک به انگلیسی

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Did you ever have to call for help?
Were you ever in a situation that was an emergency?
It is good to know what to do in case of an emergency.
You should always know how to get in touch with the police and fire departments.
I have read stories where very young boys or girls have called the police and saved their friend’s or family member’s lives because they knew just who to get hold of.

If you see a fire, you should call the fire department.
A lot of tragedies have been prevented because the calls have been made quickly.
It is important that emergency vehicles arrive very quickly.
That is why those vehicles have sirens.
When their sirens go, it means to get out of the way.
Policemen, firemen and ambulance attendants are trained to handle very difficult situations.
They often save peoples’ lives.
They go through a lot of training to become good at what they do.
They never panic in emergencies.

For your part, you should keep emergency numbers near the phone, or know what the emergency numbers are.
Where I live, there is a special number that you call for any emergency.
We teach that number to everyone, even very tiny children.
It is important to remain calm if you need help.
If you call an emergency number, you have to be able to speak clearly, and tell the person you are talking to exactly what the problem is.
I hope you are never in an emergency situation, but it is a good idea to be prepared.

fire department:

the organization that works to prevent fires and stop them burning

British Equivalent: fire service

 get hold of somebody:
get a hold of somebody

to find and speak to someone about something
– I must get hold of Vanessa to see if she can babysit.


a terrible, unhappy, or unfortunate event:
– Their vacation ended in tragedy when their hotel caught fire.

– It was a great tragedy that she died so young.
– The tragedy happened as they were returning home from a night out.
Tragedy struck the family when their two-year-old son was killed in an accident.


a piece of equipment that makes very loud warning sounds, used
on police cars, fire engines etc

synonym: alarm
– the wail of the ambulance sirens.
– I heard police sirens in the distance.

 ambulance attendant
emergency medical technician
A person trained and certified to appraise and initiate the administration of emergency care for victims of trauma or acute illness before or during transportation of the victims to a health care facility via ambulance or aircraft.