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My Hobby

Let’s see. Today I might go fly a kite, or maybe go for a swim. It is hot outside, and I don’t know what to do. My mom tells me that I should do something that I like doing on hot days. Since our house is nice and cool, I guess I’ll stay inside and work on my hobby.
My hobby is something that not a lot of people do. I make and collect bookmarks.
To make my bookmarks, I use stickers, and special art pencils to draw. I buy the stickers at a mall, usually in a card store. The art pencils are bought in an art store. To make the bookmarks, I start with a piece of paper. I measure out how big I want the bookmark to be with a ruler. I once made a bookmark so big, that it couldn’t even be used in a very big book! After I measure it, I draw lines so that I can cut it straight. Sometimes, I use fancy scissors that cut zig-zags or frills. Then I start to decorate them.
I like to draw cartoons and flowers on my bookmarks. Sometimes, I even put real flowers on them. A lot of the time I write little sayings on the bookmarks. I like to give my bookmarks to friends and family. Sometimes, I even sell my bookmarks to people.
I like my hobby. I can draw whatever I want on the bookmarks. Maybe sometime in the future I will be a famous bookmark maker and even have my own store!

a piece of paper, leather etc that you put in a book to show you the last page you have read

a narrow piece of cloth that has many small folds in it, and that is attached to something as a decoration
She was wearing a white blouse with frills at the cuffs.