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Lesson 5 -Level 1 of Essential Words

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A) Please first of all down write the sound file


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B) Please read the story


The Jackal and the Sun Child

A jackal is a wild dog with a big black back. It resides in the desert. But how did the jackal get his black back? This was how it happened. One day, the jackal saw a girl. She was sitting upon a rock. She was not a normal child. She was a rare and beautiful sun child.

She was bright and warm like the sun. The child saw the jackal and smiled. She said, “Jackal, I have been relaxing on this rock for too long. I must get home soon. But, I am slow and you are fast. You will likely get me home more quickly.” Then she requested, “Will you carry me home? If you do, I’ll give you a gift. This necklace belongs to me, but I will give it to you.” The wild jackal agreed. So the sun child sat on the dog’s back. They started to walk. But soon, the jackal felt ill. The sun child was very hot on his back.

The heat was hurting his back very badly. “ I made a terrible error in judgment.” he thought. He shouldn’t have agreed to carry her. So he asked her to get off. But she did not. The jackal’s back continued to get hotter and hotter. He had to get away from the sun child. So he made a plan.

First, he ran as fast as he could. He hoped the sun child would fall off. But she did not. So when the sun child was looking at the sky, not aware of the jackal’s next plan, he jumped into a field of flowers. As a result, the child rolled off his back.

The jackal ran away. But the sun child left a mark on the jackal’s back, a visible black mark. Ever since his experience with the sun child, the jackal has had a black back.

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C) Please listen to the story again


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aware adj.

If you are aware of something, you know about it.
—► I was not aware of the ringing phone.

(synonyms: conscious of, informed of)

badly adv.
Badly means in a severe or harmful way.

—► He hurt his arm badly playing with friends.

belong v.
If something belongs to you, you own it.

—► The blue suit belongs to Paul.

continue V.

To continue something is to keep doing it.
—► She stood under her umbrella as the rain continued to fall.

(synonyms: go on with, keep on with)

error  n.

An error is something you do wrong.
—► I made an error on my report, so my boss was angry.

(synonym: mistake)

experience n.
An experience is something you have seen or done.

—► Rock climbing was a fun experience.

(synonyms: event, happening)

field  n.

A field is a big area of land.
—► â The field of flowers looked so pretty.

(synonyms: green, grassland)

hurt  v.

To hurt is to do something that makes you feel pain.
—► She hurt her leg falling down the stairs.

(synonyms: injure, wound, damage)

judgment n.

Judgment is the ability to form opinions or decisions.
—► It’s a good judgment to recycle your aluminum cans.

likely adv.


If something likely happens, it will probably happen.
—► I will likely stay at home and watch TV tonight.

(synonyms: probably, presumably, no doubt)

normal adj.
If something is normal, it is not strange nor surprising to you.

—► It is normal for me to bathe every night.

(synonyms: usual, typical, common, ordinary)

rare adj.
If something is rare, you do not see it very often.

—► ¡ It is rare for him to miss his flight.

(synonyms: unusual, uncommon)

relax v

To relax is to rest.
—► The frog relaxed in the warm sun.

request v.

To request something is to ask for it.
—► The little girl requested a special gift from Santa Claus.


To reside means to live somewhere permanently or for a long time.
—► My brother and his family reside in a lovely house on the beach.

(synonyms: live in, inhabit)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reside.jpg


*Arrogance (lesson 4 part 8)

* gut: intestine (Lesson 26 of part 6)


result n.


A result is something that happens because of something else.
—► As a result of all the rain, the man had to climb on the roof.

(synonyms: consequence, outcome, end)

roll  v.
To roll is to move by turning over and over.

—► You must roll the ball into the pins when you bowl.

(synonyms: turn round and round, go round and round)

since prep.

Since is used to talk about a past event still happening now.
—► Since 1992, he has been driving that car.

visible adj.

If something is visible, it can be seen.
—► The moon and stars were visible in the night sky.

wild adj.

If something is wild, it is found in nature.
—► You should be careful around a fox, because it is a wild animal.

More words of this text that u have to search in your dictionary:

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Now Listen to the sound files of the Vocabulary please



Listen to the sound file of the vocabulary again

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Now read the text and listen to the the reading file again