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Home » آزمون واقعی آیلتس – شنیداری چهار آپریل 2018

آزمون واقعی آیلتس – شنیداری چهار آپریل 2018

آزمون واقعی آیلتس – شنیداری چهار آپریل 2018


you will hear a number of different

recordings and you will have to answer

questions on what you hear there will be

time for you to read the instructions

and questions and you will have a chance

to check your work all the recordings

will be played once only the test is in

four sections

now turn to section one

section one you will hear a conversation

about a language course first you have

some time to look at questions one two



you will see that there is an example

that has been done for you on this

occasion only the conversation relating

to this will be played first

good morning Balch I’m a language

courses how may I help you oh yes I

contacted you some time ago about

following a German course in Germany and

you advised me to take your placement

tests before we go any further well I’ve

done that now so I’d like to go ahead

with booking the course for this summer

if that’s possible certainly sir you

said you took the placement test what

was the result

I was placed at the oh three level Oh

three right that’s lower intermediate

fine mister

the answer is level three or lower

intermediate so the course level has

been filled in for you now we shall

begin you should answer the questions as

you listen because you will not hear the

recording a second time listen carefully

and answer questions one to five

Pettersen John Patterson could you spell

that for me please mr. Patterson P e TT

e r SS o n that’s a TT and a double s am

i right that’s right now could I ask you

where the course takes place well we

offer courses in Hamburg and Berlin for

your level there’s never a problem there

are always plenty of people for the

intermediate classes oh dear

does that mean that there might be a lot

of students in my class I wouldn’t be

very happy about that

no don’t worry mr. Patterson the maximum

class size is 12 but I’ve never known

there to be more than 9 or 10 in a class

it could even be five or six good

actually I’d prefer to study in Berlin

and how long is the course three weeks

five hours a day two hours only on

Saturday Sunday is free

I see and what about accommodation there

you have a choice mr. Peterson you can

either stay with a German family who are

used to having such guests or you can

stay on the University campus or we can

book you into a nearby bed-and-breakfast

is there a big difference in price not

really staying with the family works out

the cheapest and the bed-and-breakfast

is a bit more money

staying on the University campus come

somewhere between the two price-wise but

Berlin is not too expensive anyway which

do you recommend well if you want to

practice your german and be part of a

German family I would recommend staying

with the family our families are all

hand-picked and we’ve never had any sort

of complaint yes

I’ll probably do that then what are the

dates of the course the first summer

course starts on the 1st of June in

Hamburg and a week later in Berlin which

is what would concern you as you have

chosen the Berlin course that’s the 8th

of June the next course would begin on

the 2nd of July and then the 2nd of July

course would be perfect for me can you

put me down for it now certainly mr.

Patterson can I have your address please

26 Mayfield Drive or ping ttan Kent I’m

afraid I can’t remember the postal code

don’t worry mr. Peterson I’ll check on


before you hear the rest of the

conversation you have some time to look

at questions six to ten


now listen and answer questions six to

ten there are a couple of other things

I’d like to ask certainly what do I need

to bring on the course well apart from

the obvious you’ll need our textbooks

I’ll email you the name and publisher

you should be able to find it in your

local bookstore if you do have problems

call me or email me and I’ll see what I

can do we provide the computers computer

discs translation exercises and all that

sort of thing

but you will need a good dictionary we

recommend Langan shite which is more

than adequate for your level you don’t

have to go and spend a lot of money on

an expensive dictionary not yet anyway

maybe you will when your German reaches

a very high standard that would be very

nice now finally what about the cost of

the course and how do I pay would you

like to pay that in pounds or in Euros

euros would be fine in that case it’s

five hundred and fifty euros you can bei

by credit card if you like oh dear I’m

afraid I haven’t got a credit card how

else can I pay that’s not a problem mr.

Peterson you can pay by bank transfer

fine by the way I forgot to mention I am

a full-time student have you got a

student card oh yes then that does make

a difference you’ll be pleased to hear

you are entitled to 35 percent of the

full price and if you can persuade a few

people to join you it would work out

even cheaper how do you mean exactly

well for every five people you find one

goes free in other words if there are

six of you you get one free course of


in reality you would divide up the

savings amongst you presumably right

well I’ll see what I can do thank you

not at all mr. Patterson and I’m sure

you’ll enjoy the course there are of

course sightseeing possibilities would

you like me to send you our brochure

describing them yes thank you

I’d appreciate that anyway thanks for

your help if I want to call back who do

I ask for Suzanna I’m here most of the


that is the end of section one you now

have half a minute to check your answers


now turn to section two

section two you will now hear a radio

talk on agricultural regulations first

you have some time to look at questions

11 to 15


now listen carefully and answer

questions 11 to 15 could there be

clearer proof of the arrogance and

indifference of those who are supposed

to keep our food safe than the muzzling

of John Verrill agriculture is a

business true and businesses have to

make money but this shows how ministers

and officials put the profits of the

agriculture business before the

well-being of the British people mr.


a pharmaceutical chemist was appointed

to represent consumers on one of the

many committees that advise the

government on food safety when he tried

to do his job though and wanted to warn

ministers of a danger to children’s

health he was refused permission to do

so the danger comes from hormones given

to cattle in the USA and some other

countries to make them grow faster they

speed up the animals development to

maturity thus making meat production

more profitable there have however long

been fears that the hormones have

horrendous effects on the people who eat

them causing diseases as serious as

cancer once these hormones were used on

British cattle – but over 20 years ago

they were banned in Europe for being too


indeed so concerned is the European

Union that it banned imports of hormone

fed beef years ago much to the fury of

the US government which wants to sell it

all over the world several years ago the

USA and Canada asked the World Trade

Organization to declare the ban illegal

and to punish Europe for failing to lift

it the WTO with its long record of

refusing to let environmental or safety

concerns interfere with trade agreed

imposing fines of more than 120 million

dollars a year on the EU for its refusal

to back down the British government now

backs the Americans claiming that there

is no proof that hormone fed beef does

any harm this is where mr. Verrill comes

in he is very angry with the government

especially as their claim comes out just

after a Danish study shows that growth

hormones are 200 times more dangerous

than was previously thought worried by

these findings mr. Verrill spoke to

government representatives who did


before you hear the rest of the talk you

have some time to look at questions 16

to 20


now listen and answer questions sixteen

to twenty not only that but they have

not been testing beef which is imported

which by law they are required to do

this directly affects the British public

as about forty percent of the beef

British people eat comes from abroad

supposedly from countries like Brazil

which does not allow the use of growth

hormones Brazilian beef is stocked by

some British supermarkets and widely

used in catering yet when a Brazilian

farmers recently visited by EU

inspectors a large stockpile of this

banned substance was found this is not

the first food scandal we have had in

our country take the present concern

over a well known chocolate company

several months ago the company found out

that its sweets were contaminated with a

rare form of salmonella but they did

nothing about it leaving their sweets in

the shops to be bought by the

unsuspecting public it was not until

five months later when several children

had suffered food poisoning that the

chocolate bars were removed from the


it makes you wonder how many other

dangerous foods have been allowed onto

our plates

that is the end of section 2 you now

have half a minute to check your answers


now turn to section three

section three you will hear a

conversation between a tutor and two

students Amanda and Jake first you have

some time to look at questions 21 to 25


now listen carefully and answer

questions 21 to 25

so Jake and Amanda how did the project

go very well I think dr. Hinton I

certainly learned a lot and enjoyed

myself at the same time me too

so remind me what was your project about

basically what makes successful people

let’s call them top achievers successful

yes how are they different from us what

do they do that

other less successful people don’t do

interesting and did you come to any

conclusions quite a few actually good

share some with me then well I’d always

thought that a top achiever would be the

sorted person who would bring work home

every night and slave over it

but it appears not those types tend to

peak early and then go into decline they

become addicted to work itself with much

less concern for results we found that

high achievers were certainly ready to

work hard but within strict limits they

knew how to relax could leave their work

at the office prized close friends and

family life and spent a healthy amount

of time with their children and friends

there’s a lesson for us all there anyway

go on it’s also very important to choose

a career which you enjoy not just one

that pays well or which assures you of a

pension many years down the line surely

that’s important though Amanda yes I

agree but being happy in your work is

far more important than anything else

top achievers spend over two-thirds of

their working hours on doing work they

truly prefer and only one third on

disliked chores they want internal

satisfaction not just external rewards

such as pay Rises and promotions

before you hear the rest of the

conversation you have some time to look

at questions 26 to 30


now listen and answer questions 26 to 30

actually in the end they often have both

because they enjoy what they are doing

so their work is better and their

rewards higher yes Jake

that certainly makes sense now can I ask

you something do high achievers as you

call them take many risks yes and no I

interviewed one business executive who

told me he was able to take risks

because he carefully considered how he

could salvage a situation if it all went

wrong he imagined the worst that could

happen and if he could live with that

he went ahead if not he didn’t take the

chance other people prefer to stay in

what I heard described as the comfort

zone setting for security even if it

means settling for mediocrity and

boredom – would you call top achievers

perfectionists contrary to what I

expected no I wouldn’t we came to the

conclusion that a lot of ambitious and

hardworking people are so obsessed with

perfection that they actually turn out

very little work I happen to know a

university teacher a friend of my

mother’s who has spent over 10 years

preparing a study about a playwright she

is so worried that she has missed

something she still hasn’t sent the

manuscript to her publisher

meanwhile the playwright who was at the

height of his fame when the project

began has faded from public view

the woman’s study even if finally

published will interest few people so

what has this got to do with top

achievers well top achievers are almost

always free of the compulsion to be

perfect they don’t think of their

mistakes as failures instead they learn

from them so they can do better next

time hmm

well would you call them competitive

high performers focus more on bettering

their own previous efforts than on

beating competitors

in fact I or we came to the conclusion

that worrying too much about competitors

abilities and possible superiority can

be self-defeating yes and we found that

top achievers tend to be team players

rather than loners they recognized that

groups can solve certain complicated

problems better than individuals and are

eager to let other people do part of the

work yes loners who are often over

concerned about rivals can’t delegate

important work or decision making their

performance is limited because they must

do everything themselves

well it looks as if you two have done a

thorough job and learn something into

the bargain – now there are just a

couple of points I’d like to clarify

with you

that is the end of section 3 you now

have half a minute to check your answers


now turn to section four

section four you will hear a talk on

seasonal affective disorder first you

have some time to look at questions 31

to 40


now listen carefully and answer

questions 31 to 40

in the past few years a new condition

has been identified and given a name sad

short for seasonal affective disorder

this is now recognized as a distinct

kind of clinical depression where people

become depressed at the onset of winter

accompanied by craving for sweet things

causing weight gain each spring and

summer would then bring on almost

maniacal highs and feelings of boundless

energy and happiness experiments to

combat this depression showed that

increased exposure to bright light in

humans could suppress their production

of the darkness related hormone called

melatonin the light needed to induce

this change was about 2,000 Lux or about

four times brighter than ordinary

household lighting it was then

calculated that if bright light could

suppress melatonin secretion then it

might have other effects on the brain

including the reversal of symptoms of

depression while melatonin ‘he’s precise

role in sad has not been pinned down the

theory led to effective treatment not

surprisingly sad effects more people

where winter nights are longer and days

shorter in the UK an estimated half a

million adults develop a full-blown sad

in winter and twice this number suffer

the milder condition called sub syndrome

all sad about 80% of sufferers improve

when given light therapy and improvement

usually comes within two to four days

scientists are still unsure why winter

depression happens but more than a

decade of research has turned up some

surprising findings nearly 80% of sad

victims are women researchers are

uncertain why this is so sad can affect

people at any age but typically it

begins around the age of 20 and becomes

less common between 40 and 50 sad is

comparatively rare in children and

adolescence but so far researchers have

been unable to come up

with a logical reason for this as many

as half of sad sufferers have at least

one family member with depressive

illness suggesting that the depression

has a genetic component some patients

experience shifts in their body clocks

when they’re depressed in winter they

are mourning people at one time of the

year and become evening people at

another what is the underlying

difference between sad sufferers and

others a clue can be found in

carbohydrate craving a common symptom

people often become obsessed with

chocolate for example carbohydrates

alter brain chemistry by increasing the

level of a soothing chemical called

serotonin a neurotransmitter that

carries signals between brain cells sad

sufferers crave carbohydrates because

they may need serotonin to lift their

mood this craving can be intense in fact

an addiction it may be that the

serotonin system of the brain has

problems regulating itself during the


some sad sufferers respond well to the

drug Prozac thought to influence the

brain serotonin using system other brain

chemicals and hormones probably play a

role in winter depression another

neurotransmitter dopamine for example

may be inadequate in certain cases

researchers hope to uncover clues to sad

secret by probing similarities between

sad and hibernation though no valid link

between the two has been established

some sad patients say they feel like

hibernating animals sad sufferers tend

to put on fat in autumn and early winter

roughly the time when such hibernators

as bears and squirrels do

that is the end of section 4 you now

have half a minute to check your answers you

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