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کلمات ضروری زبان انگلیسی

کلمات ضروری زبان انگلیسی در فهرست زیر قابل مشاهده می باشند.

روی هر عنوان   کلیک نمایید درس مربوط باز می شود.



 بخش 9 درس 8 تکمیل شد 
این سطح 99 درصد سوالات بخش لغت تمام آزمون های جهان را شامل می شود.
درس ابتدایی سطح سه از لینک زیر قابل مطالعه می باشد.


there’s a famous quote from Upton Sinclair.
“It’s difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends on not understanding it.”

کلمات ضروری زبان انگلیسی

برای وارد شدن به درس ها روی عنوان ها کلیک نمایید

کلمات رنگی شده این بخش کلمات پر کاربرد آزمون های زبان ارشد و دکترا می باشند اما بدون شک تمامی کلمات مهم می باشند

لطفا در کانال لغات  محصوص آزمون های تافل، آیلتس، کنکور منحصرا زبان، ارشد و دکترا هم عضو شوید


Level 1

Download the sound files of the part 1

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Lesson 1 of part 1

The Lion and the Rabbit

The Lion and the Rabbit

afraid, agree, angry, arrive, attack, bottom, clever, cruel, finally, hide, hunt, lot, middle, moment, pleased, promise, reply, safe, trick, well

Lesson 2 of part 1

The laboratory


adventure, approach, carefully, chemical, create, evil, experiment, kill, laboratory, laugh, loud, nervous, noise, project, scare, secret, shout, smell, terrible, worse

Lesson 3 of part 1

The Report

The Report

alien, among, chart, cloud, comprehend, describe, ever, fail, friendly, grade, instead, library, planet, report, several, solve, suddenly, suppose, universe, view

Lesson 4 of part 1

The Dog’s Bell

The Dog’s Bell

appropriate, avoid, behave, calm, concern, content, expect, frequently, habit, instruct, issue, none, patient, positive, punish, represent, shake, spread, stroll, village

Lesson 5 of Level 1

The Jackal and the Sun Child

aware, badly, belong, continue, error, experience, field, hurt, judgment, likely, normal, rare, relax, request, reside, result, roll, since, visible, wild

Lesson 6 of Level 1

The Friendly Ghost

advantage, cause, choice, community, dead, distance, escape, face, follow, fright, ghost, individual, pet, reach, return, survive, upset, voice, weather, wise

Lesson 7 of Level 1

The Best Prince

The Best Prince

allow, announce, beside, challenge, claim, condition, contribute, difference, divide, expert, famous, force, harm, lay, peace, prince, protect, sense, sudden, therefore

Lesson 8 of Level 1

How the Sun and the Moon Were Made



accept, arrange, attend, balance, contrast, encourage, familiar, grab, hang, huge, necessary, pattern, propose, purpose, release (vapor, vapour), require, single, success, tear, theory

Lesson 9 of Level 1

The Starfish

The Starfish

against, beach, damage, discover, emotion, fix, frank, identify, island, ocean, perhaps, pleasant, prevent, rock, save, step, still, taste, throw, wave

Lesson 10 of Level 1

The First Peacock

The First Peacock

benefit, certain, chance, effect, essential, far, focus, function, grass, guard, image, immediate, primary, proud, remain, rest, separate, site, tail, trouble

Lesson 11 of Level 1

Princess Rose and the Creature


anymore, asleep, berry, collect, compete, conversation, creature, decision, either, forest, ground, introduce, marry, prepare, sail, serious, spend, strange, truth, wake

Lesson 12 of Level 1

The Crazy Artist

The Crazy Artist

 alone, apartment, article, artist, attitude, compare, judge, magazine, material, meal, method, neighbor, professional, profit, quality, shape, space, stair, symbol, thin

Lesson 13 of Level 1

The Farmer and the Cats

The Farmer and the Cats

blood, burn, cell, contain, correct, crop, demand, equal, feed, hole, increase, lord, owe, position, raise, responsible, sight, spot, structure, whole

Lesson 14 of Level 1

A Magical Book

A Magical Book

coach, control, description, direct, exam, example, limit, local, magical, mail, novel, outline (facet), poet, print, scene, sheet, silly, store, suffer, technology

Lesson 15 of Level 1

The Big Race

The Big Race

across, breathe, characteristic, consume, excite, extreme, fear, fortunate, happen, length, mistake, observe, opportunity, prize, race, realize, respond, risk, wonder, yet

Lesson 16 of Level 1

Adams County’s Gold

Adams County’s Gold

academy, ancient, board, century, clue, concert, county, dictionary, exist, flat, gentleman, hidden, maybe, officer, original, pound, (devein) process, publish, theater, wealth

Lesson 17 of Level 1

The Race for Water

 The Race for Water

appreciate, available, beat, bright, celebrate, determine, disappear, else, fair, flow, forward, hill, level, lone, puddle, response, season, solution, waste, whether

Lesson 18 of Level 1

The Little Red Chicken

The Little Red Chicken

argue, communicate, crowd, depend, dish, empty, exact, fresh, gather, indicate, item, offer, price, product, property, purchase, recommend, select, tool, treat

Lesson 19 of Level 1



alive, bone, bother, captain, conclusion, doubt, explore, foreign, glad, however, injustice, international, lawyer, mention, policy, social, speech, staff, toward, wood

Lesson 20 of Level 1

The Seven Cities of Gold

The Seven Cities of Gold

achieve, advise, already, basic, bit, consider, destroy, entertain, extra, goal, lie, meat, opinion, real, reflect, regard, serve, vegetable, war, worth

Lesson 21 of Level 1




appear, base, brain, career, clerk, effort, enter, excellent, hero, hurry, inform, later, leave, locate, nurse, operation, pain, refuse, though, various

Lesson 22 of Level 1

A Better Reward


actual, amaze, charge, comfort, contact, customer, deliver, earn, gate, include, manage, mystery, occur, opposite, plate, receive, reward, set, steal, thief

Lesson 23 of Level 1

The Camp

The Camp


advance, athlete, average, behavior, behind, course, lower, match, member, mental, passenger, personality, poem, pole, remove, safety, shoot, sound, swim, web

Lesson 24 of Level 1

A Strong Friendship

A Strong Friendship


block, cheer, complex, critic, event, exercise, fit, friendship, guide, lack, passage, perform, pressure, probable, public, strike, support, task, term, unite

Lesson 25 of Level 1

Joe’s Pond

Joe’s Pond

associate (associative), environment, factory, feature, instance, involve, medicine, mix, organize, period, populate, produce, range, recognize, regular, sign, tip, tradition, trash, wide

Lesson 26 of Level 1

Archie and His Donkey

Archie and His Donkey

advice, along, attention, attract, climb, drop, final, further, imply, maintain, neither, otherwise, physical, prove, react, ride, situated, society, standard, suggest

Lesson 27 of Level 1

The Spider and the Bird

The Spider and the Bird

actually, bite, coast, deal, desert, earthquake, effective, examine, false, gift, hunger, imagine, journey, puzzle, quite, rather, specific, tour, trip, value

Lesson 28 of Level 1

The Party

The Party

band, barely, boring, cancel, driveway, garbage, instrument, list, magic, message, notice, own, predict, professor, rush, schedule, share, stage, storm, within

Lesson 29 of Level 1

How the World Got Light

How the World Got Light

advertise, assign, audience, breakfast, competition, cool, gain, importance, knowledge, major, mean, prefer, president, progress, respect, rich, skill, somehow, strength, vote

Lesson 30 of Level 1

Cats and Secrets

Cats and Secrets


above, ahead, amount, belief, center, common, cost, demonstrate (demonstrative, demonstration, demonstrable), different, evidence, honesty, idiom, independent, inside, master, memory, proper, scan, section, surface

Level 2

Download the sound files of the Level 2

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Lesson 1 of  Level 2

The Twelve Months


anxious, awful, consist, desire, eager, household, intent, landscape, lift, load, lung, motion, pace, polite, possess, rapidly, remark, seek, shine, spill

Lesson 2 of  Level 2

The Dragon

The Dragon

bring, castle, command, counsel, ensure, explosion, jewelry, land, meteor, monster, northern, remote, southern, statue, steam, submit, temple, upper, weed, wing

Lesson 3 of  Level 2

The Battle of Thermopylae

The Battle of Thermopylae

arrow, battle, bow, brave, chief, disadvantage, enemy, entrance, hardly, intend, laughter, log, military, obey, secure, steady, trust, twist, unless, weapon, (shield, Spartan , stick)

Lesson 4 of  Level 2

The Deer and His Image

The Deer and His Image


chest, confidence, consequence, disaster, disturb, estimate, honor, impress, marathon, narrow, pale, rough, satisfy, scream, sensitive, shade (leggy), supplement (supplementary, cannibal, cannibalize ), terror, threat, victim

Lesson 5 of  Level 2

May 29,1953


ancestor, angle, boot, border, congratulate, frame, heaven, incredible, legend, praise, proceed, pure, relative, senior, silent, sink, superior, surround, thick, wrap (Bubble wrap, saran wrap)

Lesson 6 of  Level 2

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

abroad, anger, bride, brief, chase, disappoint, dive, exchange, favor, fee, forever, guy, lovely, mood, palace, permit, protest, sculpture, tribe, youth

Lesson 7 of  Level 2

A Beautiful Bird

A Beautiful Bird

basis, biology, cage, colleague (without further ado), colony, debate ( economic hardship ), depart, depress, factual, fascinate, mission, nevertheless, occupation, overseas, persuade (inroad), route, ruins, scholar, significant, volcano

Lesson 8 of  Level 2

Tricky Turtle

Tricky Turtle


broad, bush, capable, cheat, concentrate, conclude ( crumb ), confident, considerable, convey, definite, delight, destination, dictate, edge, path, resort, shadow, succeed, suspect, valley

Lesson 9 of  Level 2

The Tale of Bartelby O’Boyle

The Tale of Bartelby O’Boyle


admire, aid, attempt, authority, capital, cooperate, defend, destruction, disorder, division, enable, frustrate, govern, plenty, relieve, reputation, royal, slave, struggle, stupid

Lesson 10 of  Level 2




citizen, council, declare, enormous, extraordinary, fog, funeral, giant, impression, income, mad, ought, resist, reveal, rid, sword, tale, trap, trial, violent

Lesson 11 of  Level 2

Dinosaur Drawings

Dinosaur Drawings

admission, astronomy, blame, chemistry, despite, dinosaur, exhibit, fame, forecast, genius, gentle, geography, interfere, lightly, principal, row, shelf, spite, super, wet

Lesson 12 of  Level 2

The Mean Chef

The Mean Chef


abuse, afford, bake, bean, candle, convert, debt, decrease, fault, fund, generous, ingredient (cement), insist, mess, metal, monitor, oppose, passive, quantity, sue

Lesson 13 of  Level 2

The Cat and the Fox

The Cat and the Fox

anxiety, army, billion, carve, consult, emergency, fortune, guarantee, hike, initial (memo, dress code), intense, lend, peak, potential, pride, proof, quit, spin, tiny, tutor ( tutorial)

Lesson 14 of  Level 2

The Good Student



apparent, blind, calculate, chat, commit (heinous, trafficker ), compose, dormitory, exhaust, greenhouse, ignore, obvious, physics, portion, remind, secretary, severe, talent, thesis, uniform, vision

Lesson 15 of  Level 2

The Lucky Knife

The Lucky Knife

absorb, boss, committee, contract, crew, devote, dig, dine, donate, double, elevate, flavor, foundation , generation, handle, layer, mud, smooth, soil, unique

Lesson 16 of  Level 2

Prince Sam

Prince Sam


chamber, deny, document, emphasize, fever, flu, freeze, gesture, interrupt, last, likeness , moreover, perspective, rational, recover, rely, shock, shy, stare, thus

Lesson 17 of  Level 2

Henry Ford’s Famous Car

Henry Ford’s Famous Car


aim, attach, bet, carriage, classic, commute, confirm, criticize, differ, expense, formal, height, invent, junior, labor, mechanic, prime, shift, signal, sincere

Lesson 18 of  Level 2

The Priest

The Priest


ability, agriculture, cartoon, ceiling, convince, curious, delay, diary, element, faith, grain, greet, investigate, joy, label, monk, odd, pause, priest, profession

Lesson 19 of  Level 2

Mrs. May and the Green Girl


adopt, beg, beyond, costume, exclaim, extend, fool, forbid, illustrate, indeed, interpret, kindly, motive, nest, origin, reception, reject, silence, stream, tone

Lesson 20 of  Level 2

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein


accomplish, approve, approximate, barrier, detect, duty, elementary, failure, gradual, immigrant, insert, instant, poverty, pretend, rank, recognition, refrigerate, rent, retire, statistic

Lesson 21 of  Level 2

From the Earth to the Stars

astronaut, awake, courage, float, grant, gravity, jewel, miner, mineral, participate, permission, pour, presence, raw, satellite, scale, skip, stretch, telescope, underground

Lesson 22 of  Level 2

The Farm Festival

alarm, apart, arrest, award, breed, bucket, contest, convict (apprehend) , garage, journalist, pup, qualify, repair, resume, rob, slip, somewhat, stable, tissue, yard

Lesson 23 of  Level 2

The Clever Thief

The Clever Thief


alike, annoy, architecture, artificial, chain, distinct, distinguish, dust, excitement, heal, inherit, manner, mount, roof, shortage, solid, stock, substance, tomb, wound

Lesson 24 of  Level 2

The Doctor’s Cure

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is The-Doctor-hospital.jpg


bath, bend, chew, disabled, fantastic, fiction, flag, inspect, journal, liquid, marvel, nutrient, overcome, recall, regret, soul, sufficient, surgery, tough, tube

Lesson 25 of  Level 2

The Criminal


admit, bin, bowl, cabin, cash, criminal, dozen, elder, facial, fence, inspire, mere, neat, occasion, penalty, rude, settle, vehicle, wallet, yell

Lesson 26 of  Level 2

The Two Captains


accuse, adjust, amuse, coral, cotton, crash, deck, engage, firm, fuel, grand, hurricane, loss, plain, reef, shut, strict, surf, task, zone

Lesson 27 of  Level 2

The Duke and the Minister


apology, bold, capture, cardinal, duke, expose, guilty, hire, innocent, jail, minister, ordinary, permanent, preserve, pronounce, resemble, symptom, tobacco, twin, witch

Lesson 28 of  Level 2

The Fisherman


accompany, bare, branch, breath, bridge, cast, dare, electronic, inn, net, philosophy, pot, seed, sharp, sort, subtract, tight, virtual, weigh, whisper

Lesson 29 of  Level 2

Osiris and the Nile



abstract, annual, clay, cloth, curtain, deserve, feather, fertile, flood, furniture, grave, ideal, intelligence (intelligent), nowadays, obtain, religious, romantic, shell, shore, wheel

Lesson 30 of  Level 2

The Taxi Driver



appeal, assume, borrow, client, downtown, dull, embarrass, fare, former, formula, found, invest, loan, practical, quarter, salary, scholarship, temporary, treasure, urge

Level 3

Download the sound files of the Level  3  (101 MB)

Lesson 1  of  Level 3

The Real St. Nick


arise, benefactor, blacksmith, charitable, chimney, compensate, encounter, exceed, forge,  humble, iron, ladder, modest, occupy, penny, preach, prosper, province, satisfaction, sustain

Lesson 2 of  Level 3

The Shepherd and the Wild Sheep


acquire, awkward, caretaker, deceive, discourage, fake, hatred, hut, inferior, lodge, neglect, newcomer, offense, overlook, repay, ridiculous, satisfactory, shepherd, venture, wheat

Lesson 3 of  Level 3

The Boy and his Sled


alley, ax, bunch, chore, decent, disgrace, elbow, grateful, irritate, kid, loose, offend, overnight, persist, pine, scar, sensation, sled, tease, valentine

Lesson 4 of  Level 3

Tiny Tina


bloom, compact, curl, decay, dessert, dip, distant, eclipse, fairy, grace, leisure, mankind, passion, pillow, pulse, refresh, sneeze, spice, whistle, wool

Lesson 5 of  Level 3

Trick or Treat!



acquaint, cemetery, curse, disguise, fancy, flashlight, hood, inhabitant, nourish, pirate, publication, riddle, rot, scare, shortly, skeleton, spoil, starve, thrill, wicked

Lesson 6 of  Level 3

The Senator and the Worm


alert, broadcast, bulletin, bump, chop, closet, console, district, drawer, endure, execute, grasp, rear, senator, skull, stir, tap, tremendous, underneath, worm

Lesson 7 of  Level 3

Patsy Ann


abandon, ambitious,bark, bay, brilliant, chin, complaint, deaf, enthusiastic, expedition, horizon, loyal, mayor, mutual, overweight, refuge, restore, rub, senses, veterinarian

Lesson 8 of  Level 3

The Anniversary Gift


anniversary, arithmetic, ashamed, burst, carpenter, coal, couch, drip, elegant, fabric, highlands, ivory, mill, needle, polish, sew, shed, thread, trim, upwards

Lesson 9 of  Level 3

Dalton vs. the Bully


ail, ally, boast, bounce, bully, carbohydrate, crawl, defeat, dial, dominant, mercy, nod, opponent, quarrel, rival, sore, sting, strain, torture, wrestle

Lesson 10 of  Level 3

Anna the Babysitter



absence, aloud, bald, blanket, creep, divorce, imitate, infant, kidnap, nap, nowhere, pat, relief, reproduce, rhyme, suck, urgent, vanish, wagon, wrinkle

Lesson 11 of  Level 3

Peter and the Dwarf


abnormal, bamboo, blossom, compass, dialect, dishonest, dwarf, ecosystem, fatal, impatient, leaf, manuscript, marsh, patience, perfume, pond, proverb, pursuit, recite, wilderness

Lesson 12 of  Level 3

The Ice Cream Cone Explosion


anticipate, barrel, beam, casual, caution, contrary, deliberate, dissolve, explode, fasten, germ, kit, puff, rag, scatter, scent, steel, swift, toss, triumph

Lesson 13 of  Level 3

Sheriff Dan


aboard, bitter, bullet, devil, drift, enforce, fountain, harbor, inhabit, march, millionaire, port, sheriff, startle, sweat, trigger, unify, vessel, voyage, worship

Lesson 14 of  Level 3

The Helpful Apprentice


apprentice, assure, bandage, bleed, bond, chef, crown, departure, diligent, emperor, fiber, horrible, impolite, kneel, luxury, massive, panic, priority, robe, scold

Lesson 15 of  Level 3

Why Monkey Has No Home


affair, assembly, bless, cereal, cheerful, diameter, exploit, famine, harvest, merry, nut, pardon, pharaoh, ripe, roast, routine, scheme, slim, stove, theft

Lesson 16 of  Level 3

Matthew Learns a Lesson

Matthew Learns a Lesson


 adolescent, aptitude, compliment, hinder, journalism, jury, justice, liberty, literary, pharmacy, pill, presume, privacy, punishment, sensible, slice, sorrow, straw, swell, tidy

Lesson 17 of  Level 3

The Magic Cup



affection, agency, ash, confine, dismiss, erupt, fate, lava, miserable, navigate, originate, remainder, retrieve, shallow, slope, span, superstition, sympathy, vibrate, wander

Lesson 18 of  Level 3

The Knight’s Plan


armor, blaze, boom, cliff, flame, independence, invasion, knight, lightning, rebel, retreat, revolution, spear, steep, summit, thunder, troops, warrior, withdraw, yield

Lesson 19 of  Level 3

The Magic Pear Tree



bench, confront, daisy, dispute, horror, incident, mist, object, orphan, plot, pregnant, rage, revenge, shame, sigh, sneak, spare, stem, supper, tender

Lesson 20 of  Level 3

Little Wolf and Mother Wolf

beneath, cub, dawn, dissatisfied, ease, evident, hail, howl, leap, magnificent, necessity, outcome, pile, profound, seize, squeeze, supreme, terrific, trait, vital (prey, forest, den, cub)

Lesson 21 of  Level 3

The Old Man with a Bump


accustomed, affirm, astonished, bang, clan, dim, emphasis, fable, feast, glow, hollow, instinct, joint, leak, physician, sacrifice, stiff, stroke, tragic, tune

Lesson 22 of  Level 3

The Circus


accommodate, circus, coincide, commission, dose, dye, extent, gender, headline, informal, inquire, messenger, peer, portrait, pose, ranch, steer, stripe, tame, tempt

Lesson 23 of  Level 3

Lazy Hans

Aborigine, ban, cautious, confess, cottage, daytime, desperate, fade, fierce, gamble, lawn, mow, outlaw, prospect, purse, rod, seldom, shave, terrified, wizard

Lesson 24 of  Level 3

The Bremen Town Musicians

baggage, bulb, bundle, cattle, flee, graze, greed, herd, initiate, lane, luggage, nerve, optimist, parade, pave, phantom, portable, poster, scratch, symphony, widow

Lesson 25 of  Level 3

How Did Greenland Get Its Name?

circulate, consequent, derive, drown, dynasty, fraction, frost, illusion, invade, lieutenant, marine, merit, navy, polar, ray, resign, suicide, tremble, underlying, via

Lesson 26 of  Level 3

Everyone is Special

alter, aside, autumn, blend, collapse, crush, curve, disgusting, drain, embrace, envy, fireworks, flour, fuse, ginger, jealous, paste, receipt, wipe, wire

Lesson 27 of  Level 3

Pizarro and the Inca Gold

Hidden Gold of the Incas

acknowledge, ambassador, blonde, conquer, drag, exaggerate, heritage, insult, meanwhile, necklace, noble, precious, prejudice, rumor, sin, spectacle, stack, suspicious, tin, vase

Lesson 28 of  Level 3

The Boy Who Saved the Town


ache, arctic, canal, chemist, chill, congress, dairy, descend, grocer, hesitate, institution, jog, merchant, poke, postpone, splash, stubborn, suburb, tide, tragedy

Lesson 29 of  Level 3

An Interesting Life



bomb, certificate, circumstance, coffin, cope, criticism, devastate, frown, gaze, glance, grief, groom, license, microscope, nuclear, portray, rotate, souvenir, submarine, trace

Lesson 30 of  Level 3

The Kitten and the Caterpillar


appliance, basin, broom, caterpillar, cupboard, delicate, emerge, handicap, hook, hop, laundry, pursue, reluctant, sleeve, spine, stain, strip, swear, swing, utilize

Level 4

Download the sound files of the Level  4  (110 MB)

Lesson 1 of  Level 4

The History of Chocolate

The History of Chocolate

aroma (whiff, diffuser ), beverage, cluster (savannah), combine, condensed, contemporary, cultivate, divine, humid, odor, palate (cleft), paradise, plantation, rapid, rate, soothing, subtle, texture, toxic, vary

Lesson 2 of  Level 4

Monkey Island

Monkey Island


accident, admiral, arc, character, conscience, fiery, flesh, grapefruit, hay, horrified, kerosene, loop, paddle, raft, sour, stake, steward, string, thorn, wreck

Lesson 3 of  Level 4

The Young Man and the Old Man

The Young Man and the Old Man


admonish, audible, awesome, beware, brag, conscious, disagree, echo, eventual, hint, idiot, immense, indirect, option, pastime, perfect, pinpoint, switch, thorough, torment

Lesson 4 of  Level 4

The tricky fox



beak, damp, disapprove, except, flight, fond, immoral, ivy, moan, oblivious, perish, pit, rim, roost, slippery, soar, trivial, typical, utterly, weep

Lesson 5 of  Level 4

The Magic Computer

The Magic Computer


awhile, cyberspace, edit, essay, evaluate, faint, global, gymnasium, highlight, ignorant, index, lecture, moral, operate, private, recent, resolution, semester, typewritten, weird

Lesson 6 of  Level 4

Jack Frost and the Pudding

Jack Frost and the Pudding


absolute, alas, attentive, cape, envision, evenly, folk, melt, patch, pleasure, pop, pudding, rail, recipe, role, shrink, soak, spark, spirit, suit, (simmer)


Lesson 7 of  Level 4

The architect plan



account, architect, conceal, crime, deed, gratitude, habitat, intervene (intervention, interventionist ), landmark, legal, memorable, oblige, offence, proclaim, rally, resolve, resource, sentence, volunteer, witness, (sparrow)

Lesson 8 of  Level 4

Janie and the Music Player


Janie and the Music Player


access, conduct, constant, crack, device, enclose, grip, halt, impending, influence, law, mode, perspire, replace, snap, sly, tend, valid, version, whatsoever

Lesson 9 of  Level 4

Growing to be Great

Growing to be Great


alongside, appetite, assist, breeze, defy, display, efficient, feeble, forgive, lively, majestic, nor, outraged, pessimistic, rumor, slap, smash, subject, wage, whereas

Lesson 10 of  Level 4

Anton’s Great Discovery

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is microscope-bacteria.jpg


animate, classify, concede, concept, construct, decade, diagram, ferry, handy, isolate, longing, numerous, particle, plea, refrain, review, sophisticated, surrender, upright (saddle), worthwhile

Lesson 11 of  Level 4

How a Singer Helped Win the War



alliance, applause (Round of something), armed, authoritative (laureate), ceremony, culture, defense, detail, diverse, enchant (first off), equip, exception, genre, impact, lure (appendage), obstacle, shelter, sort, supply, vain

Lesson 12 of  Level 4

The Sun and the North Wind



alternative, avenue, belly, bid (auction, auctioneer, to have second thought), blow, conflict, continent (incontinent, constipated, constipation, doubly, bladder, intercontinental, poo), current, disrespect, enthusiasm (lose heart), harsh, lean, meantime, mischief, muscle, rescue, succession (polygamy), terrain, timid, violence

Lesson 13 of  Level 4

The Big Race



affect (Fatherlessness), autograph, bead (medallion), brew, charm, destiny, horn, irritable, lag, maximize, nightmare, nutritious, protein, signature, stuff, subconscious, van, warn, workout, zoom, (gland, pituitary)

Lesson 14 of  Level 4

The Brothers and the Bread



brick, crumble, dough, express, fist, flexible, flush, injure, lump, mixture, reconcile (reconciliation , irreconcilable, difficulty ), ruin, shatter, shutter, sift (sieve), slight, sparkle, sprinkle (hearse, petal, kosher), stale (Belly Laugh, breadbox, bread bin), utter

Lesson 15 of  Level 4

Laika, the Space Dog



although, apply, await, beloved, bury, climate, complain, confuse, due, entire, establish, furnace, leash (crate), mature, measure, midst (oasis), misery, prior, research, variety

Lesson 16 of  Level 4

Gwen’s New Friends

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is basketball-girls.jpg


altogether, bind, bruise, custom, disobedient, foresee, glimpse, hoop, misfortune, negative, per, plead, rip, sake, scrape, source, stern (rebuke), stitch, thump, vehement

Lesson 17 of  Level 4

Kara Goes Camping



civilization, convenient, den, dew, drastic, exit, flock, fold, lid, loom, mighty, mushroom, native, poison, reed, shield, stormy, sway, urban, wade

Lesson 18 of  Level 4

The School Play



accent, barber, basement, blank, blink, choir, comic, complicate, decline, errand, glove, hermit, justly, leather, ponder, reserve, script, search, slam, staircase (migrant)

Lesson 19 of  Level 4

Isaac’s First Plane Trip

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Plane-Trip.jpg


afflicted, aisle , atmosphere, author, breakdown, cargo, chapter, connect, etc., flip, idle, notify, pea, raisin, retain, state, tray, unfortunate, vivid, vomit

Lesson 20 of  Level 4

The Betrayal


betray, blast, bracelet, cease, choke, civil, comment, cross, dent, distrust, fort, found, lining, mass, pray, rife, sole, sweep, treachery, tuck

Lesson 21 of  Level 4

The Teller and the Thieves


background, bait, chronicle, copper, disease, folklore, infect, itch, literature, millennium, myth, promote, relate, religion, sum, teller, trustworthy, update, vein, venom

Lesson 22 of  Level 4

The Scribe’s Warning

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is empire-palace.jpg


charity, commerce, condemn, cozy, deplete, economy, empire, goods, heed, hitchhike, mock, neutral, persecute, pity, reduce, scribe, temper, throne, unity, victor

Lesson 23 of  Level 4

How the Dinosaurs Really Died


accurate, analyze, asteroid, controversy, evolve, factor, genetic, genome, identical, intellectual, majority, mammal, multiply, offspring, pesticide, regulate, reinforce, stricken, vast, vegetarian

Lesson 24 of  Level 4

The Traveler and the Innkeeper


cherish, compassion, consent, core, cunning, dizzy, equilibrium, foster, grind, growl, moderation, predator, sane, saucer, snatch, stagger, stumble, tense, tumble, withhold

Lesson 25 of  Level 4

Gilbert and the Lizard


aircraft, celebrity, concrete, decisive, esteemed, ethical, extinct, hardy, institute, jealousy, migrate, nurture, overhead principle, rural, secluded, species, swamp, traverse, zoology

Lesson 26 of  Level 4

The Forest People


assumption, barley, beast, colonel, contagious, corpse, crisis, cure, deformed, discriminate, embassy, extinguish, flint, harass, integrate, miniature, nutrition, promptly, technician, tropics

Lesson 27 of  Level 4

a Dying Forest


beneficial, birthplace, capacity, comparative, comprehensive, conserve, crucial, cumulative, deposit, distribute, equator, exotic, federal, formation, frequency, objective, oxygen, rainforest, strategy, wooded

Lesson 28 of  Level 4

Thucydides and the Plague of Athens


avail, expand, define, dread, fundamental, horrifying, incredulous, linger, organism, paraphrase, plague, presently, random, riot, scribble, shrine, solitude, stark, summon, worsen

Lesson 29 of  Level 4

The Solar Car Race


automobile, candidate, confidential, corporate, enhance, era, guideline, incorporate, interact, interval, mobile, modify, parallel, phenomenon, pollute, ridicule, solar, territory, tournament, transportation

Lesson 30 of  Level 4

The Heirs


bill, boundary, chaos, consistent, cyclone, doomed, heir, martial, organic, poultry, scramble, sergeant, sheer, stance, telegraph, textile, tornado, typhoon, wail, wardrobe

Level 5

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Lesson 1 of  Level 5

The Little Mice


allot, appall, cache, convenience, dearth, deliberate, dire, elapse, empathy, fanciful, gripe, grueling, mundane, opt, outrage, paltry, rectify, resourceful, sustenance, tedious + conservative

Lesson 2 of  Level 5

The Helpful Abbey


abbey, abundant, adjoin, ample, arid, cathedral, deprive, drought, eligible, fast, grumble, inland, moisture, nonetheless, oath, prairie, ragged, rugged, scarce, speculate

Lesson 3 of  Level 5

analytic, assert, bachelor, calculus, celestial, cognitive, collision, competent, diploma, excel, geology, harness, intellect, keen, mythology, physiology, radioactive, relativity, sociology, theoretical

Lesson 4 of  Level 5

The Corrupt Administrator


administrator, affluent, audit, automate, bribe, corrupt, dispose, headquarters, incentive, infrastructure, legislate, legitimate (Illegitimate), manipulate, merchandise, retail, revenue, rubbish, subsidy, transaction, violate

Lesson 5 of  Level 5

a Famous Accident


assess, astonish, commence, essence, extract, fabulous, haste, impulse, latter, molecule, ongoing, pharmaceutical, precise, proximity, publicity, remedy, significance, subsequent, synthetic, terminal, fungus

Lesson 6 of  Level 5

The Island


altitude, coastline, deter, devise, expertise, fracture, impair, implement, indigenous, insight, limb, migraine, optimism, peculiar, proficient, quest, ridge, spouse, thrust, tolerate

Lesson 7 of  Level 5

Small World


aquatic, biosphere, bizarre, Celsius, coarse, companion, digest, duration, ecology, feat, infinite, nucleus, parasite, prominent, repetitive, reproductive, temperate, tolerance, undergo, vulnerable

Lesson 8  of  Level 5

Becoming a Healer


adept, barren, ceramic, culinary, dense, dignitary, dominate, edible, hostile, intake, likewise, malnutrition, medication, misconception, obscure, oppress, peel, prescription, respirator,

Lesson 9 of  Level 5

The Weaving Machine


 archaic, benevolent, brass, capitalism, component, dependence, diminish, drawback, fad, impose, managerial, medieval, obsolete, peninsula, prestige, proportion, radical, refute, spectacular, weave

Lesson 10 of  Level 5

Life on the Farm


accountant, capitalist, contempt, dedicate, ditch, enterprise, exquisite, finance, indifferent, irrigate, maximize, monetary, precaution, preliminary, saturate, simplicity, sow, soy, spade, upcoming

Lesson 11 of  Level 5

Beethoven’s Gift


acute, aggression, banquet, biography, boost, clap, compel, dominance, gorgeous, inevitable, legacy, masterpiece, multiple, narrate, notorious, outdated, overall, partiality, spontaneous, virtue

Lesson 12 of  Level 5



anthropology, applaud, appoint, compatible, competence, confer, consecutive, crude, cube, feedback, ignorance, masculine, monument, muscular, posture, situate, supervise, symmetry, tattoo, undergraduate

Lesson 13 of  Level 5

The Old Hound


brook, cater, considerate, consumption, criteria (single form: criterion), crust, degrade, entitle, escort, external, facility, faculty, heap, hemisphere, hound, impersonal, ornament, pedestrian, sanctuary, spectator

Lesson 14 of  Level 5

Day Without Sight


asset, aspect, Braille, bud, coordinate, disprove, humanitarian, hypothesis, imprint, informative, optic, premise, rack, Renaissance, revere, simultaneous, skeptic, spatial, specify, wax

Lesson 15 of  Level 5

The Big Ship


 accessory, acquisition, adequate, cardboard, dilemma, elaborate, facilitate, fleet, grid, import, infer, inflate, innate, marble, mast, nausea, naval, pouch, saturated, updated

Lesson 16 of  Level 5

The History of Parachutes


 addict, archeological, archeology, brainstorm, budget, chaotic, cite, correspond, courtyard, estate, fraud, hydrogen, integrity, knit, outlook, parachute, prehistoric, proponent, refine, restrict

Lesson 17 of  Level 5

“I Didn’t Do It!”


attorney (litigate, litigator), chronic, discipline, donor, fellow, gossip, graduate, graffiti, guardian, implicate, kin, referee, sever, shaft, stab (cork, corkscrew), stimulus (a shot in the arm), suspicion, terminate, theme, tuition

Lesson 18 of  Level 5

The Soldier’s Decision


aggressive (meek), amnesty, arena, auditorium, captive, combat, commonplace, compound, corps, distract, dumb, foe, hack, meditate, nick, provoke, realm, reign (hyena), rust, sacred (liturgy, reclaim)

Lesson 19 of  Level 5

Jane’s Pride


(might) accordingly, anchor, buoy (life buoy), catastrophe, context, designate (conservation), distort, dock (warehouse), fore, frequent, genuine, grease, intricate, offset, overlap, precipitate, secondhand, slot, submerge, tactic

Lesson 20 of  Level 5



aggregate, antibiotic, circuit, complement, compress, database, equivalent, immune, input, intimate, magnet, metabolism, microchip, phase, pinch, prevalent, quantum, ratio, spiral, viral, procedure, strand, interlock

Lesson 21 of  Level 5

The Twins


astounded, attribute, bilingual, clone, colloquial, cosmetics, dash, disgust, fluorescent, furious, gulf, humanities, knot, linguist, participant, plausible, ritual, sibling, skinny, vague

Lesson 22 of  Level 5

The New Bioco


acid, administration, administrative, biotechnology, cholesterol, coalition, deceptive, diabetes, eliminate, erosion, ethics, explicit, framework, manufacture, mechanism, minimize, nectar, notion, prone, straightforward (motto, very)

Lesson 23 of  Level 5

How Comet Got His Tail


astronomical, atom, breadth, circumference, comet, crater, crescent, debris, despair, embed, fragment, galaxy, gigantic, gloom, radiate, roam, solitary, spectrum, sphere, status, dimensional

Lesson 24 of  Level 5

The Resourceful Landlord


bankrupt, conform (Dress code), employ, expel, extension, forthcoming, furnish, hygiene, hygienic, landlord, lease, mandatory, mend, mortgage, personnel, plumbing, tenant, trendy, utility, whereby

Lesson 25 of  Level 5

The Man and the Monkey

aesthetic, arrogant, bias, canyon, creek, drill, executive, fatigue, incline, nasty, perceive, primate, primitive, stereotype, sticky, termite, thereby, trail, twig, welfare

Lesson 26 of  Level 5

Cosmo’s Flight


behalf, flap, glacier, globe, horizontal, hum, inventory, inward, loaf, oracle, orbit, overview, preview, previous, provide, recur, relevant, rite, stall, supernatural

Lesson 27 of  Level 5

The First Organ Transplant


adapt, biological, cellular, dynamic, fantasy, heredity, internal, minimal, pioneer, prescribe, respective, revive, rigid, sequence, substitute, surgeon, therapy, transfer, transition, transplant, trait

Lesson 28 of  Level 5

The Lottery


aquarium, arbitrary, autobiography, convention, gracious, improve, insulate, intrigue, longevity, misplace, naughty, norm, orangutan, overload, philanthropy, probe, recipient, reptile, thrive, ultimate

Lesson 29 of  Level 5

Jen’s New Job


antique, applicant , artifact, authentic, chronology, diplomat, epic, excerpt, fossil, humiliate, lyric, majesty, monarch, precede, punctual, recruit, refund, register, renown, tusk 176

Lesson 30 of  Level 5

The Demon’s Bridge


burden, compromise, craft, crook, currency, enigma, fragile, hybrid, innocence, merge, moderate, overwhelm, perception, reunion, rig, shiver, sociable, talkative, tow, tramp, stretcher

Level 6

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Lesson 1  of  Level 6

The North Star



alleviate, astrology, differentiate, disrupt, equation, err, erroneous, frantic, hull, inadvertent, improvise, latitude, mariner, multitude, nuisance, permanence, revolve, soothe, stranded, volatile (+ course+ opt+ constellation+solvent+evaporate )

Lesson 2 of  Level 6

The Fossil Hunters

The Fossil Hunters

arduous, attain, coexist, conceive, dubious, ego, elastic, endeavor, engrave, excavate, jagged, locale, mold, outright, periphery, plaster, shovel, skeletal, terrestrial, vicious (+ dirt+ initial(n)+ curator+ feud+ spa )

Lesson 3  of  Level 6

Dressed to Excess

Dressed to Excess

absurd, anemia, aristocracy, aristocrat, attire, craze (Plummet), enlarge, excess, feminine, hallmark, pad (pentyliner), predominant, reputable, rouge, signify, strap, tangle, vanity, vie, vulgar) at the other/opposite extreme+maid+ wig+ stuffed+ sole+ heel+ filth+ lace+ column)

Lesson 4  of  Level 6

The Butler’s Bad Day

The Butler’s Bad Day

attic, chunk, civic, descent, din, dissatisfy, fuss, gourmet, hence, intrinsic, kettle, ministry, ordeal, outspoken, overwork, particular, pungent, snore, soundly, superintendent (veranda + sauna)

Lesson 5  of  Level 6
alternate, apologetic, benign, char (mustard), clarify, distress, dogged, ensue, gasp, negotiate, overdose, persuasion, relay, reluctance, restate, sesame, sip, verge, wary, waver (read+ straw)

Lesson 6  of  Level 6

Amazing Komodo Dragons

Amazing Komodo Dragons

ashore, contradict, counterpart, devoid, diverge, elude, embryo, fend, fictitious, gazette, homogeneous, obstruct, plunge, prolong, publicize, sparse, surplus, theorize, verify, vigorous

Lesson 7  of  Level 6

altar, arthritis Bee stings have been known to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. , botany, credible, deceased (decease), deception, decipher, dung, dusk, gratify, hone, mash, ornate, pneumonia, psychic, psychotic, scope, sinister, strife, therapeutic, (genital, wart)

Lesson 8  of  Level 6
congested, courier, deform, etiquette, exclusive, freight, garment, insomnia, intuitive, liable, obsess, overboard, premium, privilege, propel, socialize, suppress, tram, unsettle, warp 50

Lesson 9  of  Level 6

Dangerous Bites

Dangerous Bites

artery, deterioration, elusive, forage, ++ impede, induce, inseparable, invalid, magnify, mainstream, microbe, negligible, paralysis, pest, prevail, respiration, rupture, savage, stun, susceptible

Lesson 10  of  Level 6

The Avalanche


accumulate, aerial, apparatus, avalanche, consistency, convection, discharge, intact, mortal, omen, overcast, poignant, ranger, rubble, seclude, sideways, sob, sober, speck, upbringing

Lesson 11  of  Level 6

The Lydian King


advocate, authorize, civilian, commodity, conquest, disclose, dynamics, enroll, envious, euphoria, festive, jolly, lentil, marshal, morale, prophecy, sage, senate, sentiment, unrest

Lesson 12  of  Level 6

The Butler


adorn, bliss, butler, cramp, dilapidated, evoke, farewell, faucet, filth, flaw, grin, housekeeping, mound, numb, reckless, slate, stool, testament, timber, valve

Lesson 13  of  Level 6
certify, collaborate, compile, counteract, curb, diagnose, enact, federation, gross, humane, intolerable, needy, onset, pledge, prohibit, rash, render, smallpox, transmit, vow

Lesson 14  of  Level 6

The Coward’s Lesson

The Coward’s Lesson

camouflage, contemplate, contend, cot, enlist, frontier, handbook, hesitant, lush, marrow, outfit, paw, quiver, splendid, stray, substantial, torch, tract, vigil, weary

Lesson 15  of  Level 6

Epidemic in Zimbabwe

adhere, administer, compassionate, contaminate, deficiency, epidemic, hazard, imperative, intestines, manifest, metabolic, overcrowded, paramount, practitioner, provision, replenish, sterile, upgrade, viable, voluntary

Lesson 16  of  Level 6

amid, backstage, billionaire, brute, clumsy, collide, culprit, evacuate, flammable, mob, premature, resent, satire, scrutiny, segregate, subject, testify, tumult, underestimate, uproar

Lesson 17  of  Level 6
accelerate, anew, defect, dreary, duplicate, electromagnetic, electron, glide, ingenious, innovation, innovative, launch, meteorological, meteorology, penetrate, propulsion, simulate, spur, stimulate, tenacious

Lesson 18  of  Level 6

beforehand, centigrade, chatter, concerto, condense, cove, deteriorate, exterior, freeway, hearty, hospitable, manor, monastery, nursery, outstretched, parcel, profile, vivacious, winding, zip

Lesson 19  of  Level 6

Seizures Then and Now


airway, Almighty, advent, constellation, definitive, equate, inhale, invoke, lunar, novelty, outmoded, personalize, pertain, primal, psychiatric, psychiatry, reflex, seizure, session, utensil

Lesson 20 of  Level 6

The Greedy Bee

adhesive, adverse, dependency, dump, eternal, fluctuate (fluctuation), fro, inclusion, intermediate, intermittent, mentor, phoenix, photosynthesis, pollen, regain, reverse, swarm, texture, tickle, vibrant

Lesson 21  of  Level 6

The Mayor of Sherman


abolish, amend, aspire, censor, charter, constitution, cosmopolitan, disseminate, flatter, infamous, lame, limp, outburst, pathological, phenomenal, poll, remorse, secrecy, tackle, trance

Lesson 22  of  Level 6

The Editor’s Choice

coward, delete, firsthand, earnest, ethnic, exclude, fluent, imperial, inclusive, legislature, linguistic, monolingual, nationality, patriot, prosecute, racial, solemn, solidarity, tact, undermine

Lesson 23  of  Level 6

The Ice House


allocate, appetizing, blizzard, cavity, clockwise, concentric, courtesy, crisp, discord, frigid, generate, glacial, interchange, locker, multicultural, omission, oversee, pierce, replicate, wavy

Lesson 24  of  Level 6

Preparing of the Future


abide, conversion, cram, defer, export, fumes, habitual, justify (intergovernmental ), output, overpopulation, patent, penalize, petroleum, prototype, scrap, sector, subscribe, subsist, suspend, synthesis

Lesson 25  of  Level 6

Hundred Plays


acrobat, advocacy, communal, fluid, harmonize, industrious, inventive, judicial, Mandarin, metropolitan, mimic, misguided, rehearse, scorn, sensory, staple, statute, veteran, villain, vine

Lesson 26  of  Level 6

The Kidnapping


constrain, depot, emulate, forefinger, gut (gutted, beer gut, blood and guts) , inherent, intimidate, janitor, moist, nope, prod, ransom, restrain, saliva, spit, sprint, stunt, tolerant, vampire, yawn

Lesson 27  of  Level 6

The Earl of Shining


analogy, ancestry, archer, conspiracy, deputy, earl, fragrant, funnel, hereditary, hymn, invert, prey, procession, prophet, sarcastic, seasoning, sodium, tyranny, tyrant, vinegar

Lesson 28  of  Level 6

The Lord and the Farmers


adjoining, allege, arch, assemble, casualty, erect, foul, hectare, heighten, hospitality, mansion, outnumber, overjoyed, pasture, petition, renovate, revise, slab, terrace, turf

Lesson 29  of  Level 6

The Shortcut


analogous, binoculars, bulk, comprise, depict, dual, Fahrenheit, fulfill, grove, ore, outback, outweigh, paradox, pier, shortcut, tariff, thermometer, tilt, vice versa, whereabouts

Lesson 30 of  Level 6

The Mad Hatter


amber, charcoal, columnist, courteous, credentials, crickets, delta, detergent, euphemism, expire, granite, gravel, haunt, liberal, maze, moss, peck, pebble, (pebbledash), reservoir, streak, crow

Level 7

Lesson 1 of Level 7

intruder, avert, concrete, initiative, recruitment, inundate, intersection, protester (point blank, wrestled, ), detain,  habeas corpus, forestall (inevitability), hangover (as fresh as a daisy, daisy), infancy (adulthood ), garner (reportedly), sought, expenditure, procure (prostitute, prostitution, pimp ), allegation, illicit (licit), jeopardize

Lesson 2 of Level 7

insatiable (skirt around, oats), poacher, marvellous, indigent, burial, fiscal, widen, deficit, inflation, turnover (grass being greener), ambiguity (ambigious), haphazard (willy-nilly), intensity, obedient, inborn, judicious, survey

Lesson 3 of Level 7

infection, indiscriminate, foresight, prohibition (prohibitionist, prohibitive, prohibitory ), strive, exhort, torrent, repertoire, sluggish, vindicate, oral, furtive (giggle, giggly ), momentum, jeopardy, nomination, ascertain, derailment (-ment, reiterate,cast-iron, cast iron,  skillet ), outskirts, habituate

Lesson 4 of Level 7

dwindle (trickle, trickle-down effect), purport (adherent, misnomer, zealot ), infiltrate, informer, tangible (intangible), adroit, articulate, eradicate (polio), incidence (leprosy ), diet, ascribe, emit, discrete, remnant, ascend, vacancy, tension, exacerbate, recession, traditional

Lesson 5 of Level 7

assurance, foe, Columnist, investor, germane, regulation, intrude, treatment, illiteracy, morality,(refugee) fallacious, hazy, gallant, remarkable, frugal, haven, acclaim, inflation, fortify, narrowly, assassination, impure

Lesson 6 of Level 7

vacillate (persuadable), inadequacy (sibling), lecturer (essayist), implore, hamper, expulsion, prominent, cleric, influential, delineate, convenecompliance ( compliant), obligation (installation, whereabouts ), flourish, insignificant, economic, offensive, imminent, pupil, strengthen

Lesson 7 of Level 7

laudable, languished, detention, dungeon, sanction, loyalty, gamut, loyalty, gamut, manual, transmission, selfish, foolish

Lesson 8 of Level 7

fine,  Inspector, violation, ceasefire, minor, negotiation, assault, foretell, illegible, phenomenon, integration, hastily, abusive, referee, incarcerate, intentional, boon, fastidious, preference, ample

Lesson 9 of Level 7

flout, extensive, hasten, demise, Condolence, purify, glib, spawn, led, evade, reliance, stalk, inexorable, align (non-align), matrimony, decree, repeal, displace, autonomous, displace

Lesson 10 of Level 7

campus, association, election, pacify, adversary, verse, irregular, elicit, recourse, literally, integral, curriculum, prosperous, merely, daze, retort, extraneous, frail, override, matter

Lesson 11 of Level 7

intensify, discard, litter, lot, momentum, expressive, abstain (profanity), degenerate, fiasco, squad, ballot, docile, maim, idol, fallacy, wrath, banal, pretext, affable, infraction

Lesson 12 of level 7

dexterity, implicit, coerce, whim, cajole, partnership, survival, comply, accusation, in-depth, electrical, insulation, extremism, forum, marginal, clarity, deploy, breach, sovereignty, sanctity

Lesson 13 of level 7

bandit, abduct, gunpoint, enslave, loot, mitigate, transient, devalue, devaluation, speculation, shuffle, reshuffle, merger, sanitary (sanitation worker, sanitize ), tax, taxing, blasphemy, acquaintance, feign, pathos, mull, agenda

Lesson 14 of level 7

hardliner, infltration, reformer, stoke, counter, perplex, Toll, coroner, antidote, synthetic, narcotic, opiate, Expat, spotlight, eligible, malignant, contagion, pervade, endanger, stability

Lesson 15 of level 7

raid, hostage, peasant, grievance, air, checkpoint, curfew, bore, bear, counsellor, stoical, scandal, address, corporation, resistant, mutiny, imprisonment, man, bribery, corruption, drug

Lesson 16 of level 7

bestow, heroism, commitment, inheritance, unsolicited, summarily, ethos, abate, odour, emission, efficiency,
resident, volume, salvage, be under way, call off, emerald, ailing, insightful , ethereal, attest , audacity

Lesson 17 of level 7

zenith, heated, compensation, incur, porcupine, spiny, astute, binder, bargain, elite, abort, embryo, fertilize, assimilate, lucid. accommodation, luxurious, cruise, unmitigated, clandestine, whistle-blower, unpretentious, reportedly, delegation

Lesson 18 of level 7

restriction, exempt, compulsory, seminary, biometric, iris, legislation, disrobe, vestry, disperse, abhor, squander, flirt, incorrigible, dormant , prune, accordexhaustive, undergo, renovation, revoke

Lesson 19 of level 7

dissident, fallout, breakup, rift, sectarian, argumentative, noose, reprieve, rap, subdue, uphold, suspension, verdict, extremist, unfold, disband, Chancellor, defendant, destined, paradigm, concise, potent

Lesson 20 of level 7

neutralizes , neutrality, footage, oppression, oppressive, harrowing, culpable, indecent, surpass, threshold, nominee, caucus, bearing, antipathy, Stationary, queue, lorry, swerve, morsel, consolation, worse off, mourning, slay

Lesson 21 of level 7

Slender, implication, catastrophic, heedless, peruse, upshot, entry, plight (ghetto), nomad, nomadic, antithesis, embellish, jargon, inaugurate, glaring, Briton, partake, ammunition, might, convincing, cache, ram, girder

Lesson 22 of level 7

extravagant, commemorate, pilgrim, converge, auspicious, wreath, reciprocationDemonstrator, augment, bonuses, synergy, prosperity , interdependence, implementation,  purge, coup , assassinate, gag, foul, muffle, dismissalcontroversial

Lesson 23 of level 7

eccentric, assent, subside, superfluous,  seem,  Molest, obscene,  smuggle, Juvenile,  delinquent, delinquencyblurred, prankoffenderpersistentwarring, faction, rehabilitate, calamity, planetary, pauper, dissent

Lesson 24 of level 7

murmur, discontent,  quench, Impulsiveindecisive,  standstilldisregard,  margin, cordial,  loathing, vigor, vigour,  catalyst, chlorine, exposedfrostbite, lead, exposure, prolongematernal, extraction  

Lesson 25 of level 7

pollutant, sulfur (sulphur), glittergraceful, opulent, airy, potency, rebellion, tint, ambivalent, ambivalence, gospel, rigour, facade, orientation, slide, hears, outbreak, hostility,partition

Lesson 26 of level 7

cessation, arouse, wean, distastesympathizepredicament, expression, figure, ire, conservationist, puristconsortium, obsequioussurrogate, warfare, guerrilla, overthrow, deterrent, agony, descendant

Lesson 27 level 7

altruism, intensive, vice, passionate, long, disturbance, mortar, bewilder, resentful, intrusion, invoice,  parchment, quillmanuredeity, rular, delusion, revisionharbourgrudge


Lesson 28 level 7

storey, dossier, tropicalpanelconjunctioncounterfeit, withdrawal, serenitymarpremier, tranquil, overt, unapologetic, congenital, opening up, cultivation, demonic, sly, plunder

Lesson 29 level 7

pillage, egotism, nascent, inestimable,blessing, prudent, pasteurized, Peril, fraught, petiole, woe, glean, sketchy, snippet, formidable, recuperative, weaken, arsenal, sizable, retaliate

Lesson 30 level 7

relish, glory, circumspect, speculator, desolate, erratic, defiant, taunt, helmet,* rifle, helmet, sentry, malice, reproach, accost, valiant, crusade, verbal (verbalize), give- and-take, guttural, interrogator (interrogate, interrogative), custody

Lesson 1 level 8

unorthodox, venue, fixture, scuffle, pub, drench,  heckle, remand, bail, forfeit, *tabloid, exile, rebellious, yoke,*ox, bridle (unbridled), exhilaration, oust, headstrong, trustee, graft, evasion, (evasive)

Lesson 2 level 8

contrived, jovial , procrastinate (procrastinator), repentance, parting, defuse, devilish, chap, grieve, reincarnation, compelling, tolerable, (toleration), boredom, erotic, presidency, frisk. (pen), yelp, involuntary, involuntarily, hometown

Lesson 3 level 8

handball, blatant, revival, decimate, manslaughter, acquit, vigilance (vigilant),
genocide, minority, hypocritical (hypocrite ,Hypocrisy), fugitive (tip-off), excusable (inexcusable), optimistic (optimism, optimist), entrepreneur (entrepreneurial, entrepreneurship), vacant, perennial, air strike, militant, manoeuvre (maneuver, whilst, Holy Grail), divisive

Lesson 4 level 8

improbable, chivalry, knight, icing, decompose (embalm), landfill (Diaper), incinerate (fission, plant), Arrogance (arrogant, by and large, enmity, bling out, canary in the coal mine ), downright, edgy, defensive, stalemate, ransack, round-the-clock, assignment, pore over, domestic, drone, hectic, wayward

Lesson 5 level 8

surveillance, armoured, (armored), invasive, intercept, convoy. artillery, barometer, moped, preposterous, impertinent, pertinent, humility, trepidation, disintegrate, treacherous, concerned, fidelity, perfectionism, mummify, entomb

Lesson 6 level 8

midair, courtly, ferocious, incite, shudder, gown, cubicle, abreast, quilt, patchwork, neurosis, sanity, insane, sane, rapture, ravenous, highbrow, lowbrow, exude, palliative, Orthodox

Lesson 7 level 8

objection, infringement, pension, scrimp, swastika, skinhead, thug, arson, lawsuit, patrol, misconduct, incursion, stimulant, goad, meadow, fawn, tin, slcak, cling, juggle

Lesson 8 level 8

aloof, loophole, embroil, nab, mugger, regulator, cornea, feaster, apt, logger, aggravate, asthma, trespass, shrug, adjourn, reconvene, array, insularity, exterminate, erode

Lesson 9 level 8

topsoil, scree, precarious, glacier, interest, bulldoze, engender, skew, tenuous, greenhouse, uncertainty, tick, iceberg, calve, devour, perch, conspicuous, plumage, savant, scowl

Lesson 10 Level 8

stamp, expansive, ambition, reciprocal, (reciprocate), synopsis, nimble, digression, (digress), proposition, undesirable, Introvert, extrovert, (extravert), stammer, consummation, inbred, malady, overweening, unabated, expansion

Lesson 11 Level 8

veto, deregulate, amendment, (amend), constitutional, working group (working party), tribunal, arbitrate, redundancy, augur, gala, consequential, fealty ,  monarchy, restoration, rule, disrepair, closure, outcry, trophy, prompt

Lesson 12 Level 8

cogent, (illiterate), assessment, module, freestanding, endorse  (indorse), dignitary, truce, swap, lookout, proposal, disposal,  lofty, disdain, (landlady), rabble, (rabble-rousing), lordly, pointedly, pint, mellow, mandate, Partial

Lesson 13 Level 8

blockade, strangle, slump, sub, yacht, trawl, smack, windfall, slash, crimson, canvas, lace, heaby-duty, workforce, versatile, (lavender, aromatherapy), gruelling, downsize, lop, rightsize, receptive

Lesson 14 part 8

renewed,  coherent (incoherent), rambling (ramble), touchdown, key, hysterical, drum, (thinner), picturesque, cord, (spinal) tangled, trunk, possession,  post-mortem, (postmortem), (pathologist ), mortuary, hearse, inmate, staffer, (cut off) , pork, clemency, school, (carp)

Lesson 15 part 8

brig, angler, retirement, beckon, attrition, nest egg, -fold, impoverished, (cholera), odontology,  Santa Claus, shanty, forensic, cordon off, (cordon bleu), adjacent, projectile,  (in kind), unidentified, dental, (record), carnage, conflagration, censure

Lesson 16 part 8

crackdown, (crack down),  asylum, veiled, (veil), bogus, offshore, thinly, (cold cuts), (coleslaw), (T-bone steak), sarcasm, touch, mark, barbed wire, gargle, peroxide, linoleum, worn, (parquet ), checker, spell, atrocious, bombardment, (bombard), rowdy, fraternity  (frat)

Lesson 17 part 8

poker-face, (cantaloupe), backgammon, dime, (nickel-and-dime, five and ten, five and dime. dime store), loll, porch, (glassed-in), (sun porch), (shooting the breeze), lenient, (burglar), emigration, (emigrate), prosecution, hate-crime, (hate crime), stiffen, inferno, satirist, (satire), unduly, contributor, schmooze, obesity, (obese), mounting, (rubberize), tarmac, drawl

Lesson 18 part 8

concoct, herb, medicinal, preferable, (preferably), injection, injection-moulding, (injection-moulded, moulder, moulding, mouldy), aromatic,(basil) flavour, antiseptic, projectile, venereal disease, -homo, gonorrhoea, crippling, (cripple), the elderly, (link), quote, evict, (non-payment), stereotype, oriented, repudiate

Lesson 19 part 8

treaty (missile), aviation, bipartite, (vagina), uterus, bound,  antixlimax, (anti-), (climax),  hype, trump, divert, (diverting), ignite, fury, pitch, batter, ablaze, blazing. quake, magnitude, reckon, presage, sombre, crumple, (crumple)

Lesson 20 part 8

lethal, paralyze, (paralyse), waist, (drawstring) sling, piety, buckle, (unbuckle), cascade, cinch, measurement, taper, viper, provocative, sidelong, concession, belated, apologize, (apology), moody, injudicious, misleading, monolith, (monolithic)

Lesson 21 part 8

unreservedly, heartfelt, abject, contrite, grovel, mumble, profuse, denounce, biased, evolution, farce, romance, inextricably, interwoven, extinction, contravention, draft, grab bag , multilateral, ( unilateral, bilateral, lateral, lateral thinking), non-proliferation

Lesson 22 part 8

gymnastics, incompetence, staggering, (staggered), neanderthal, monumental, cock-up, forte, notable, (notably), open-air, application, detach, (detachment, semi-detached, detachable ) retina, (retinal), discretion, guarantee, leading-edge, leading, on spec, welcome, leverage. (lever, fulcrum)

Lesson 23 part 8

conductor, bawl, baton, pomp, ratify, solidify, uneasy,  unpick, abrogate, inception, variation, vacuum, unilateral, mercenary, skepticism, (scepticism, skeptical, skeptic), flagrant, defiance, preoperative, inscribe, vellum

Lesson 24 part 8

deafening, earmark, retrograde, pending, botch, bicker, lethargic, peremptory, menopause, (menstruate), pessimism, abyss, razor, serrated, precipice, poised, envoy, spew, deputize, aggrandizement, amalgamate

Lesson 25 part 8

exertion, (exert), legislative, foremost, intercede, liaison, colonial, uprising, dispatch, quell,  proclamation, emancipation, conspire, (aide), defraud, Discipline, revolt, garrison, regiment, seal, airtight, alibi

Lesson 26 part 8

murdered, tribute, musical, brutal, watertight, compartment, (compartmentalize, glove compartment), aft, weight, Project (v), hatch, screening, (juror), occupant, write-off, agile, lobby, representative, dividend, coronation, emissary, revolutionary

Lesson 27 part 8

lurk, cry, ( rallying cry), reaction, ruthless,  entice, prospective, shrill, puncture, dignity, dignified, unassuming, impeachment  (victory), lash, gang, (extramarital, rape, pickpocket), statutory, (employee), indulge, (death warrant), file, recount, abode, rib

Lesson 28 part 8

squish, vertebrae, acupuncture, petty, (larceny), squabble, vintage, culminate, (carnival ), corpulent, surmise, abound, (abundance , abundantly, caravan), rumour, (rumoured, rumourmonger ), split, triplicate, (bureaucrat), stuffy , aghast. faceless, dismay, wice, polemic

Lesson 29 part 8

dejected, belligerent (belligerence), spay (neuter), neutral, (therapist), right-wing, nationalist (nationalism), patriotic (patriot), revert, package, torpedo, waterline, (vegetation), belligerent (belligerence), fabricate, albeit, markedly, detrimental, pandemic, globalisation, (globalize), trainer, grungy

Lesson 30 part 8

pester, obscenity, hurl, (windscreen). inescapable, bash, (bashing, bashful), foothold, hijack, Might, sewer, (sewerage), grenade, besieged,(airdrop), leaflet, will, shower, (showerproof, showery), Enclave (Exclave), militia, target,raze, demolish, helping (serving), in one sitting

Lesson 1 part 9

spurious, Correlation, (Medicaid), stabilize (stabilizer), brilliance, pyramid, stratum, (strata), staunch,  withstand, handling, campaigned, (citywide, ) labour, (left-wing, MP, non-member,new-look ), campaign, (cannabis), mobility, mobalize (reservist), legalize, expunge,  recreation, eavesdrop, (eaves), testimony, innuendo

Lesson 2 part 9

banter, (lighthearted). relentless, propaganda, gear, standby, wisp, (dill pickle),didactic, determination, (get-up-and-go, determined, self-determination, hard-nosed, hardnosed, hard nosed, manfully ), single-minded crunch, (crunchy), skid (skid row), resilience (autobiography), psychological (psychologist), apathy (apathetic), rhetoric, lead-up (lead up), nerve-ˌracking (nerve-wracking), xenophobia, demo, pervasive

Lesson 3 part 9

electorate (-ate), incapable, morally, blush, misgudge (turnstile ), pang, unscramble, convertible, authoritarian, partially (partially sighted, sighted) crescendo, assiduous, electoral,  dissuade, espionage, roster, orchestrate, so-called, slogan, chant

Lesson 4 part 9

TRANSPARENT, evanescent, manifesto, reprimand, foreman, immerse (immersion), pool, renascent, stronghold, fervor, gorge (walkway, excrement feces, faeces), dank (dank memes). stinking (stink, stinky, stinker ), carcass, permeate, disparity, evaporate, filthy, cavern, exuberant (exuberance)

Lesson 5 part 9

mutter, appalling (appalled), grapple, proctor, detonate, treason (try), grisly, velvet, eloquence (eloquent), rabid (rabies ), fanatic ( fanatical, fanatically, fanaticism ) alienate, unprecedented, mobilize (mobilise), dimension, loitering, backbone, instill (instil), deprivation, hallucination

Lesson 6 part 9

congenial, enormity, daunt, Undaunted, (dauntless), austere, dementia, withdrawn, resilient, stamina, freelance, browbeat, jack-knife, gruesome (pentagram), nauseous, commutation, nil, platform, ward, maternity, fetid

Lesson 7 part 9

Deviate, replete, parable,  maiden name, unanimity, futile, ominous, ponderous, relic, obliterate, identity, velocity, gloomy. accolade. penchant, chide, demon, discern, (discerning, discernment) constitute, hurdle

Lesson 8 part 9