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خانه » مکالمه انگلیسی در مورد احساس دوست داشتن و عشق به خانواده

مکالمه انگلیسی در مورد احساس دوست داشتن و عشق به خانواده

مکالمه انگلیسی در مورد احساس دوست داشتن و عشق به خانواده


فایل صوتی

Love – Family

There are several types of love. There is the love you have for your parents or children, the love you have for your wife or husband, the love you feel for a new girlfriend or a boyfriend, and the love you have for a friend. These are the primary things I will cover here. If you are curious about other types, feel free to ask specific questions and we will tell you the English equivalent. For now, let’s talk about love.

Family love

I heard that the most unselfish love is the love from the mother to her child. It must be powerful and if you are a mother, you will probably understand. It’s not common to talk to your mother or father about how much they love you. It is more common to talk to friends about this. Here are some sentences for this conversation.

Talking to friends about parents

صحبت در مورد دوست داشتن والدین

“I can’t believe how much parents love their children.”
“Although my mother always nags at me, I know she loves me so much.”
“I’m amazed at how much my parents gave up to give me a better life.”

“I’m such a bad daughter. After realizing how much my parents gave me, I feel so sad that I didn’t show my appreciation.”
“I think you will understand how much your parents love you when you get your own children.”

“When my parents can’t take care of themselves, I will feel happy to take care of them. It’s the least I can do to repay all that they gave me.”

Talking to friends about children

صحبت در مورد دوست داشتن بچه ها

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost my child.”
“I finally understand how easy it was for my parents to give me so much after I got my daughter.”
“I love my son so much. I don’t know what I would do without him.”
“Love is so powerful. Even before my son was born, I had this bond with him that I couldn’t understand.”
“I’m going to do everything for my child.”

Love – Friend and Husband and Wife

فایل صوتی

صحبت در مورد دوست داشتن دوستان  به زبان انگلیسی

Love for a Friend

Some countries have a word for love between friends. For example, in Korean, the word is called Jung. The English language doesn’t have this word. Basically when you feel love for a friend, you care for them deeply. You should understand that when someone says ‘I love you’ between friends, it doesn’t imply anything sexual.

 “Jackie is my best friend. I love her so much.”
“You’re such a good friend. I love you man.”
“Suzie is the sweetest person. I love her to death.”

Love between Husband and Wife

Love between the husband and wife loses the initial bubbly feeling, but it becomes more powerful and more solid. It’s easy to express how you feel by three simple words.

دوست داشتن همسر به زبان انگلیسی

“I love you.”
“After 5 years, I love you more than ever.”
“I love you more now than I ever have.”

Other ways to express your love without saying ‘I love you.’

“I don’t know if I could go on with you.”
“You need to take care of yourself better. I don’t want to lose you early.”
“You mean more to me than anything in the world.”
“I wouldn’t be able to live if something happened to you.”


Love – Talking to Friend

فایل صوتی

سوال وجواب

Questions and Answers

“When was your first love?”
“I fell in love for the first time in high school. We only dated for 3 months, but I had the strongest feeling for her.”
“My first love was in college. We were together for 2 years. I loved him a lot, but it’s over now.”
“My first love was in college. We ended up getting married.”

“What was your first love like?”
“My first love experience was so powerful. It drove me crazy. I don’t know if I could handle it again, but it was definitely an amazing experience.”
“My first love can be described like a romantic fairy tale. I would speak poems into her ear and kiss

passionately in the night.”

General Statements

وقتی کسی حس می کند که عاشق شده عباراتی که معمولا بیان می کند

“My days are empty without you by my side.”
“I can’t say I love you because what I feel inside is more than love.”
“I don’t think it’s possible to feel more love than I have for you.”
“My feelings are so strong that even when we are apart, I think you can feel my love for you.”
“In the cold lonely night, the sound of your name comforts me.”
“My eyes are fixed on your picture when we are apart.”
“I take you everywhere with me. In my heart you are there.”
“I love you more than I love life. You mean more to me than you can understand.”
“I want you so much. I need you so much. I love you so much.”

“I think I’m in love. Whenever I’m not with her, I feel so weak.”
“I can’t think of anything besides her.”
“She is the first thing on my mind, and the last thing before I sleep. Even in my sleep, I am with her.”
“I find myself banging a wall controlled by a strong desire to be with her.”

جملات عمومی

“I think I’m in love with her.”
“I met this girl last week. We’ve been talking on the phone every night. I think I’m falling in love.”
“I’m crazy about her. What do you think I should do?”

There are many more things to say about this subject. I encourage you to write down what you feel. If you are uncertain if it is grammatically correct, feel free to ask us. We will answer all your questions. For now, let’s move on to practice.

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